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Since the automobile was invented, there has been famous cars. Cars owned by movie stars, sports stars, politicians, millionaires, etc. These cars have a place in our history as "one of a kind" vehicles because of the fame and those who owned them.

But, there's another type of car that has a spot in our history as well. The "Death Car". These automobiles have gained their fame in a completely differant way. Someone has died in them. Many people believe that these cars should be destroyed and not even viewed. However, because of the events that surrounded these cars, most have been preserved...and should be.

This blog is dedicated to these vehicles that tell, not only the story of these people, but also tell the end of their stories.

NOTE: If you have a problem with photos of dead bodies, perhaps you may want to leave this blog right now. The photos I selected are not too grafic. I didn't use the "bad" ones. However, it depends on the person's feelings weather or not they wish to view these pictures.

Do you think that famous death cars should be displayed?